Esprit Gourmand is a family business, based in Marseille since 1922.

We are food manufacturer and roaster, dry fruit processor since 1950.

Dried fruits, victims of modern distribution like many other products, saw their quality become very poor at the end of the 20th century. Aware of this situation, and with a unique know-how acquired over several generations, we have decided, for a little over fifteen years, to redo dry fruit a real luxury item: Esprit Gourmand products are selected by true connoisseurs, and prepared exclusively to order, with a care far superior to the products offered in the current distribution. Our quality requirement implies a time of preparation of your order of approximately 48 hours . The Great Names of Gastronomy were not mistaken. Thus, the products that are presented on this site are used by most of the great chefs and pastry chefs, and are served in nearly 1000 luxury establishments in Europe. It is this (small) privilege that we propose to share here ...